Working with

Are we easy to work with?

Of course! We are easily contactable. We listen. We echo what we hear, but more importantly we re-interpret the information you provide to us in structured ways which not only enable you to see that we understand you, but that enables us to test our understanding by asking appropriate questions.

We are adaptable, we prefer not to work to rigid Statements of Work (SOW) that are so inflexible as to be counter-productive; we would rather agree outline SOW and success criteria, which means we understand what success looks like to you.

We can work from documents and materials you provide, or collect information through workshops, interviews and surveys. We can work at your site, or work off-site at our home office. We can work using your provided IT and software (provided we’ve some familiarity with it), or on our own IT facilities. In the event we are not familiar with your standards or software tools, we are prepared (at your cost) to be trained in them.

Not sure our work with you could help?

We would consider working with your organisation for a full day, at our cost, if we believe after a first telecon discussion we could really make an impression by showing you how you can tackle some of your most pressing business or organisational challenges.

If you want to explore further, do make contact.