We offer a number of services:

Process Modelling:

We can investigate the challenges you are facing in your organisation processes in getting the whole organisation aligned to coherent engineering and non-technical processes. We either use existing source materials (such as process documents), or we can host business process modelling workshops. We produce business process diagrams linking to customer needs and delivery, and capturing stakeholder contributions. These diagrams document processes, and improve clarity on organisation structure and roles. The outcomes are reduced errors, more predictability, and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Requirements Analysis:

We can analyse existing requirements documents to re-express material as structured hierarchical and categorised sets of information, distinguishing functional, structural and non-functional aspects (safety, maintainability, upgradeability etc). This produces more highly organised material than conventional documents, and also reveals inconsistencies and gaps. The outcomes help to focus resources on areas needing attention, or act as a sound basis for ‘requirements backlogs’ into subsequent agile developments.

Requirements Elicitation:

We work with you to collect, organise, validate and structure requirements materials for new or upgraded products or services. We can work from written materials, workshop sessions and interviews. This process produces coherent requirements materials that are well structured, traceable to the various sources used, and identifies issues. It can support a structured activity to address issues, with buy-in from all stakeholders.

Stakeholder engagement:

We can also tackle wider issues than ‘simply’ process, using systematic approaches like round table workshops, topic clustering and various visualisations. We can collate and organise stakeholder views, issues, proposals for improvement to provide coherent and traceable suggestions for change. Such workshops and techniques remote silos, widen stakeholders perspectives, get everyone in an organisation ‘on the same page’.

Process Courses:

We can also present introductory and full-day courses on the primary systems engineering process standard, ISO 15288:2015, Systems Life Cycle Processes. This gives an excellent insight into the coherent processes recommended for successful delivery of complex engineered systems. See our Training section.

Process Audit:

Do you organisation’s staff follow the documented processes? Does the organisation document processes sufficiently well for staff to follow? We can do process audits, comparing what actually goes on, to your documented processes. You may be surprised – and not necessarily in a good way!