2015 11 23 At INCOSE ASEC 2015

Holistem attended (and presented at) the INCOSE (www.incose.org) UK Autumn Conference, the ASEC2015 (https://incoseonline.org.uk/ASEC2015/general_information.aspx?catid=ASEC_Information). Many great presentations were included, our particular highlights included the following:

  • A rerun of an INCOSE International Symposium Best Paper award paper. Rolls Royce had previously published on the identification of design issues, both when they were detected versus when they should have been detected actual, versus phases of lifecycle. This latest paper gave a fascinating insight into the strengths of particular character profiles versus roles as designers or reviewers, AND how appropriate matching of these character types could radically transform effectiveness of design and review teams.
  • Presenters from the Changan UK automotive company R&D centre in Birmingham presented on their ambitious approach to the adoption of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) to address their business improvement strategy.
  • The Mactaggart brothers (one firmly in the systems engineering camp, the other firmly in Rugby Union) presented an application of systems engineering to give insight to the Ruby Union’s organisation (and by implication, process) for developing upcoming rugby talent through to England-level players. It appears the analysis has led to insight of value to the organisation: “this is the first time we have seen all of this on one page”.
  • Finally, there was a presentation in the INCOSE UK MBSE Working Group on the application of MBSE to the Great West Main Line electrification project, yielding much clarity and insight to a complex project and complex web of development contracts.

An excellent 2-days of systems engineering presentations!

2 thoughts on “2015 11 23 At INCOSE ASEC 2015”

  1. Good summary, Julian. I especially enjoyed the intelligent robotics keynote, the Best Paper awarded character based roles teaming up creators-reviewers and all the unknowns. Especially the unknown unknowns one needs to take into account in the programme/project.


  2. Interesting summary Julian. I missed some of the sessions you have covered because I was in the working group or Fringe sessions which were also good. I totally agree with your final statement: ‘An excellent 2-days of systems engineering presentations!’


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