2017 10 05 Systems engineering, systems thinking and healthcare

During the last year Holistem has been engaged in the UK, via INCOSE, the International Council on Systems Engineering (website), applying systems approaches to organisational improvement in the healthcare domain. Applying systems approaches in healthcare is not a ‘new thing’ but there is certainly a growing momentum to apply such approaches and the value of such approaches is recognized both within and outside the NHS. See the results of a joint activity between healthcare professional and the Royal Academy of Engineering, reported in the publication “Engineering Better Care”, available here (where INCOSE was also involved).

Holistem’s engagement with applying systems approaches successfully with a number of healthcare organisations is being reported in a presentation and paper at this year’s INCOSE UK Annual Systems Engineering Conference (ASEC), details of the conference and programme available here. We report out approach and outcomes in Session 1.2. If you are interested in the topic, hopefully we’ll see you there – at the time of writing, registration is currently open.