What do we do? We apply techniques associated with systems engineering either as part of your product / service developments (as a contractor), or to your business improvement (as a business improvement partner). In reality this activity can range from we ‘do requirements analysis’ for you for one of your technical products, to we analyse business processes to improve your technical development approach.

If you contract to other parties for parts of your products or services, we can work with you to produce robust requirements and specification materials. If you are on the receiving end of requirements materials, for instance as a sub-contractor to a large organisation, we can analyse such materials to look at consistency, completeness and ambiguities. In both cases, this contribution improves the technical side of a contractual relationship.

The approaches we can apply to requirements materials we can also apply to your business operations, establishing clarity, visualizations, consensus, and improvements, to streamline business operations. Our systems engineering background encourages holistic perspectives: full life cycle, all stakeholders, normal and abnormal operations.

In summary, we bring our background in science and systems engineering to assist you to: look at issues and challenges in your business, from context analysis and requirements elicitation to root cause analysis and business process modelling; and subsequently drive out appropriate holistic solutions.

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